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How is open data being used?

  • Statistical information about compensations to former prisoners

    Statistical information about compensations to former prisoners

    Interactive visualisation of statistical data on management of compensations to persons imprisoned for political reasons as foreseen in Law 46/1977, of 15 October, of amnesty, who are otherwise uneligible for benefits as established in additional disposal eighteenth to the State general budget for years 1990 and 1992.

  • Visualisation of evolution of the right of access to information

    Visualisation of evolution of the right of access to information

    The visualisation offers information on requests to access information based on predefined searching criteria. Results are shown, then, according to predefined preferences: by ministry, issue of request o data of request.

    Information on this page is complementary with that about status of requests: upheld, partially upheld and not accepted for consideration. It updates every six months.

  • The weather

    The weather

    Meteorological information for Catalonia and the Catalan territories: rain probability, temperature, thermal sensation, wind, pressure, humidity, UV radiation index, snow level, sunrise and sunset timings, air quality and beaches. All meteorological information is based on Government of Catalonia, Meteocat, AEMET and Meteoclimatic open data.

  • Catalan Political Parties Observatory

    Catalan Political Parties Observatory

    OPCAT allows you to download and work on the database of Catalan political parties; is a project that has the support of Universitat Pompeu Fabra, as well as the institutional and financial support of the Secretariat of Transparency and Open Government through the call for grants to research projects in the field of democratic quality (DEMOC 2015).


  • Map of mass graves

    Map of mass graves

    List of mass graves in Catalonia. The graves are classified according to the likelihood of their existence or whether they have been confirmed and each one features the geographical location that allows its representation on a map.

  • Municipal budget data view

    Municipal budget data view

    Interactive map that allows users to create personalised data views with regard to the budgets of each municipality.

  • Public procurement indicators

    Public procurement indicators

    Monitoring of economic data and statistics on public procurement in Catalonia derived from the instruments provided for in the current regulations.

  • Beach status

    Beach status

    Application that provides real-time information with regard to beach status.

  • What about providing open data access?

    What about providing open data access?

    In short, open data is providing data that is accessible to anyone, free of charge, in a manner that facilitates its reuse. It's as simple and as complicated as that.

  • Instamaps


    An application that allows users to explore, create, view and share the maps of other users as well as the data from a variety of sources.